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Welcome to the STV Growth Fund. Read on to see how we can make TV advertising more accessible for your business and help you achieve fantastic results. We are open and ready to work with you.

We have welcomed over 300 new to STV advertisers since launching the STV Growth Fund in 2018, and this year we want to welcome you.

Working with the Growth Fund is easy. You work directly with one of our team who partner with you to understand your objectives, who you want to reach and how much you want to spend. From there we collaborate together to find the marketing solutions that are going to help you reach Scots and grow your business.

Over 95% of our members work with us on a match funding basis. This means that we contribute to your campaign to give you more airtime for your same budget. To explore this and other options that might be right for you download our brochure or get in touch to chat through how the Growth Fund could work specific to your business with one of our team who will scope out options bespoke to you.

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  • Scotland West: 0141 300 3333
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  • London: 0203 931 0484