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Welcome to the STV Growth Fund.

We make TV advertising more accessible for your business and help you achieve fantastic results.

Since our successful Growth Fund opened over three years ago we have worked with over 310 Scottish businesses and provided over £15m of funding to make TV advertising more accessible for businesses of all shapes and sizes. From retailers and home improvements services to leisure and ecommerce businesses our members have achieved success.

A massive 91% of members saw an increase in awareness after their campaign and over half have already seen an increase in profit,  75% of those saw a minimum increase of 20%.

Working with the Growth Fund is simple, you partner with one of our team who will work to understand your goals, target audience, and budget. Together, we collaborate to find marketing solutions that will help you reach Scots and expand your business.

Over 95% of our members work with us on a match funding basis. This means we contribute to your campaign, giving you more exposure for the same budget. To learn more about this and other options, download our brochure or contact us directly to discuss how the Growth Fund can work for your business. Our team will assess tailored options that suit your needs.

As an extension of the STV Growth Fund, we have launched our Green Fund, Gifted memberships and Inclusion Fund campaigns as part of our commitment to driving the Scottish economy.

STV Green Fund
We have committed £1m of STV advertising airtime to make TV advertising more accessible for Scottish businesses championing sustainability.

Gifted Memberships
We are offering £100,000 of gifted STV Growth Fund memberships to businesses championing diversity.

Inclusion Fund 
We launched our Inclusion Fund Awards in 2021 to provide businesses with strong inclusive growth plans advertising through our Inclusion Fund.

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General enquiries: 

  • Scotland West: 0141 300 3333
  • Scotland East: 0131 200 8102
  • Scotland North: 01224 848823

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