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You might also be interested in how Art Windows & Doors raised their brand profile using TV advertising with STV below.

Art Windows & Doors wanted to reach a broader market and target the right people and immediately came to STV to do so.  Having tried press and radio, they were now able to visually showcase their quality products and received an immediate response from customers following their TV advertisement.

Building a brand with Art Windows & Doors

Advertise with confidence

When it comes to business we understand it’s all about the numbers. STV reaches a massive 82% of Scots a month and we are one of the most trusted TV channels in Scotland according to Ofcom.

We work with you to efficiently target your marketing to make sure that you are getting the most return on your investment. Our campaigns are bespoke, just like your objectives and the budget varies based on the size of your target region (how many people will see your campaign), duration of your campaign (how long it runs for, one week, two weeks etc) and length of your advert (20 seconds, 30 seconds etc).

For example an on-air campaign on STV with a 30 second commercial would cost from:

West £7k | East £4.5k | Aberdeen £3.5k | Dundee £2.5k

This campaign would appear across: daytime in shows such as This Morning and Loose Women; peak programming such as Coronation Street and STV News and in Late Night. The mix of premium content that Scots love across our schedule means that you are able to maximise the reach of your business and connect with consumers quickly.


The STV Growth Fund is open for Scottish Business

STV is the perfect place to tell your businesses story. Our dedicated team get to know you to build advertising solutions that work for your business. We’re with you every step of the way. From planning and creative to seeing you on-air with Scotland’s biggest shows . We care about getting great results that help your business grow because we value our business partnership.

Get in touch today and find out about your advertising funding options. 

Please note: campaign costs are indicative only, subject to change at time of booking, based on availability and at discretion of STV. Excludes commercial production. 

Sources: STV reach, BARB, Jan-Jun 2020, adults, 09.30 – 23.59. Ofcom research, trusted  source 27th March – 19th April combined, TV channels only. 



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