Welcome to the STV Green Fund

Sustainability Series: Welcome to the STV Green Fund

As we face the scale of the global climate crisis, we all have a responsibility to play our part to make our economy and society more sustainable. At STV, we’ve launched an ambitious sustainability strategy, STV Zero, with a target to become net zero carbon. We’ve also created the STV Green Fund – offering £1m of STV advertising airtime to Scottish businesses championing sustainability – to support and encourage others to join us in working towards a more sustainable Scotland.

Our STV Zero strategy

Every small change towards a more sustainable future can make a big difference, that’s why our STV Zero strategy is paving the way for us to become a net zero carbon business by 2030.

Our strategy outlines each of our sustainable goals which span across five key areas: energy consumption, waste reduction, programme making, supply chain, and using our platform to raise awareness.

  1. Energy consumption: Achieve 100% of electrical energy used from renewable energy sources and reduce business travel.
  2. Waste reduction: We are significantly reducing business waste as we aim to become a zero-waste business by 2030.
  3. Production: We have partnered with Project Albert and Ad Net Zero to achieve net zero carbon emissions on the shows and adverts that we produce.
  4. Sustainable supply chain: We are working with our suppliers to ensure a fully sustainable supply chain.
  5. Raising awareness: Use STV’s platform and reach to inform and raise awareness of environmental sustainability with our viewers.

Supporting sustainable businesses with the STV Green Fund

Consumers across Scotland are more environmentally conscious now than ever before. This is reflected within our recent ScotPulse findings, revealing that 62% of Scots care about a brand’s environmental and social credentials. What’s more, 71% are more likely to purchase a brand with fully recycled packaging.

In response to the rising demand for sustainable brands, many businesses across Scotland are looking to strengthen their green credentials, and the STV Green Fund is here to help. We have committed £1m of STV advertising airtime to make TV advertising more accessible for Scottish SMEs who are championing sustainability.

Whether you are planting a tree for every product you sell or offering eco-friendly packaging, we will work with you to grow your business, whilst communicating your green goals through powerful STV advertising.

Interested in finding out more about our Green Fund support? Visit: www.stvgreenfund.tv

Sources: ScotPulse 2021. BARB 20/10/21 – 27/10/21, individuals, 3+ min reach.

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