Digital Sponsorship
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What is Digital Sponsorship?

Digital sponsorship puts brands at the heart of the STV Player, Scotland’s number one commercial video on demand platform.

This targeted approach creates strong levels of association with bespoke programme genres and collections, and has the ability to host your own branded content. For example, Asda has recently featured as our sponsor of ‘The Cooking Hub” on the STV Player aligning with their core products and marketing objectives.

This flexible marketing solution can be tailored to suit brand objectives and visually positions our sponsor brands on the STV Player homepage and within dedicated content hubs. Digital sponsorship allows viewers to engage with your brand alongside specific programmes through video on demand advertising, digital display and also through strategic on-air promotions creating multiple touchpoints with consumers.

Source: Ofcom Media Nations, 2020


Digital & Multi-platform Sponsorship: Case studies

Case Study

Duration: 1:19

Case Study

Duration: 1:33

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