Engage locally

STV helps us reach our objectives because of the huge reach and coverage across the region; there is no media like it.

What part of Scotland would you like to reach?
Speak to the right audience.

Specsavers received amazing feedback from their STV Channel Sponsorship last year and continued their sponsorship in 2017 as the main awareness driver in the region. Specsavers were able to rely on STV’s knowledge of local and regional audiences to guide a successful campaign that is well received with Scottish customers.

Specsaver’s sponsorship campaign consisted of:

  • Channel Sponsorship bumpers on STV
  • Video on Demand on STV Player
  • Digital display on stv.tv

Let's chat!

General enquiries: commercial@stv.tv 

London enquiries: stvlondon@stv.tv

  • Scotland West: 0141 300 3333
  • Scotland East: 0131 200 8102
  • Scotland North: 01224 848823
  • London: 0203 931 0484

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