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STV’s Growth Academy provides you with resources and insights to support you as you take the next step in your business journey. 

Here you will find webinars and insights from industry leaders as well as our STV Business Spot stories. These stories can also be seen on-air on STV featuring business leaders sharing their experiences on what they are doing in their businesses and how they are helping the Scottish economy to thrive. 

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STV Growth Academy : Business Spot TV Campaign

Mattuga Rum


Dear Green


STV Growth Academy : Stories and Tips from Founders

Dear Green's Story - Funding For Businesses

LeaseLoco's Story - The Power of Branding

Ocean Plastic Pot's Story - Sustainability

Human Focused's Story - Corporate Mental Health

Swurf's Story - Pivoting in Times of Change

Jump Ship's story - Jumping ship to start a business

STV Growth Academy

Maximise your festive marketing

Driving growth through marketing effectiveness

Market Voices : Christmas in 2023

STV Zero & STV Green Fund

Maximise your marketing with the STV Player

STV Player in Action

Securing funding for your business

Duration: 28:37

Pitching your business

Duration: 21:17

Sam Brennan, Fresh Car Valeting

Duration: 17:36

Building an effective PR strategy

Duration: 26:02

Using social media to amplify your messaging

Duration: 21:36

Panel discussion: Using PR to grow your business

Duration: 21:35

An introduction into sustainable business practises

Duration: 21:02

Marketing with purpose

Duration: 18:58

Introducing the STV Green Fund

Duration: 11:22

Panel discussion: Growth through sustainability

Duration: 16:37

Accessing the STV Growth Fund

Duration: 09:44

Establishing a strong brand with ScotPulse

Duration: 21:24

Panel discussion: Sharing our TV advertising journeys

Duration: 16:22

Adapting your business model for online sales

Duration: 18:34

Implementing digital strategies in the property sector

Duration: 12:16

Panel discussion: Enabling online sales

Duration: 25:38

Building an inclusive brand

Duration: 31:19

The economics of diversity

Duration: 20:38

Panel discussion: Building an inclusive culture

Duration: 16:14

Building resilience into your business

Duration: 14:18

Diversifying your marketing mix

Duration: 14:19

Panel discussion: Growth through TV advertising

Duration: 22:36

The power of networking

Duration: 14:23

Leveraging your LinkedIn profile

Duration: 21:12

Panel discussion: Expanding your network

Duration: 22:41

Adapting your marketing plan

Duration: 20:59

The importance of research in your marketing

Duration: 13:51

Panel discussion: Building a flexible marketing plan

Duration: 26:56

Building a mentally healthy workplace

Duration: 28:58

Tips on supporting mental health

Duration: 28:39

Maximising your creativity

Duration: 18:04

Marketing with the STV Growth Fund

Duration: 06:43

Panel discussion: Our TV advertising journeys

Duration: 23:29

Protecting your Brand Equity

Duration: 07:26

Financial Scenario Planning

Duration: 11:16

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