STV Growth Fund

The STV is committed to growing a strong, successful and vibrant economic future for Scotland.  That’s why we want to invest our money in you and your business, by giving you access to the best marketing solutions via our new STV Growth Fund.

STV reaches 85% of Scots a month, with our Growth Fund, we want to connect you with these customers earlier in your business journey to drive growth.

How can we work together?

  • Extend the reach of your TV campaign; giving you more spots on-air
  • Contribute to the cost of making your commercial advert
  • Make TV advertising more affordable by offering you more

Get in touch to find out if match funding and revenue share options could be right for your business.

Would you like to become an STV Growth Fund member?

Great, let's chat!

General enquiries:

  • Scotland West: 0141 300 3333
  • Scotland East: 0131 200 8102
  • Scotland North: 01224 848823
  • London: 0203 931 0481


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