Programmatic Partnerships on STV Player

STV Player Programmatic Partnerships

STV Player is Scotland’s number one commercial video on demand service. It is the go to destination for Drama, Entertainment, Soaps and Live Sport for Scottish audiences, and for audiences outside of Scotland a provider of ‘bingeworthy boxsets’.

All for free.

With over 4.5million registered users across the UK, the majority of whom consume content across a Connected TV device, STV Player provides brands the opportunity to reach these audiences programmatically.

With connections to multiple Supply Side Platforms, STV Player inventory can be accessed via Programmatic Guaranteed or Private Marketplace deals, and inventory can be traded targeting First Party Data, Platform or Content strands.

As an Ofcom governed Public Service Broadcaster, STV requires all VOD advertisements to have gone through the Clearcast approval process and have a Clearcast clock number to be passed in the bid process. Please follow STV Player advertising copy specifications guide to ensure assets are approved and delivered appropriately.

You can access the guide here: {Guide}

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