Scottish Business Network

We are grateful to everyone at STV to have the opportunity to work with one of Scotland's leading brands.

Scottish Business Network – is a not-for-profit international membership organisation for Scottish entrepreneurs and business leaders. The aim of this social enterprise is to facilitate greater communication and connectivity between talented Scottish companies and a network of leading Scottish diaspora around the globe.

Together STV and SBN are collaborating on bespoke events offering support, guidance, and knowledge to SBN’s network of consumer-focused businesses.

As a member of the STV Growth Fund, SBN advertised on STV in 2021. With 80% of Scots tuning into STV every month, advertising on STV is the perfect way to reach Scottish consumers.

To keep up to date with events and activities within the SBN network head over to

(Source: BARB Jan-Dec 2021, adults, 09:30-24:00).

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