Summer on STV

Summer on STV Channel Sponsorship Opportunity

Showcase your brand by sponsoring Scotland’s biggest, most trusted and most representative commercial media brand.

Through this high profile channel sponsorship, your brand could be positioned prominently on STV through 10 seconds or a combination of 10 and 20 second channel sponsorship credits.

Summer on STV

Your brand will be showcased across the Summer schedule between June – Aug and positioned around engaging shows such as The Euros, our fantastic soaps Coronation Street and Emmerdale and entertainment shows such as The 1% Club. This exclusive 3 month partnership gives your brand the opportunity to fully integrate and align with STV, reaching our audiences throughout the day. 


Campaign elements:

  • Option 1

Adult TVRs: 800

Combination of 10” and 20” bumpers (2:1)

70% Peak Delivery


  • Option 2

Adult TVRs: 800

10” bumpers only

70% Peak Delivery


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