Summer on STV

A High-Impact Channel Sponsorship Opportunity

Channel sponsorship of Summer on STV will immerse your brand into the top performing STV schedule from the 1st June to the 31st August 2021.

Your channel sponsorship bumpers will be a key feature in our audience’s viewing of household names and they’ll be firmly embedded into the STV schedule throughout summer.

This opportunity presents your brand with a mass-reaching platform, perfect for communicating with Scots at a key time across the summer months. Our viewers want to make the most of this summer, whether that’s booking a holiday close to home or watching premium content on STV. You can ensure your brand is front of mind with 70% peak time delivery, allowing you to achieve high visibility on Scotland’s best-watched peak time channel.

STV is Scotland’s most trusted channel, making this channel sponsorship opportunity a highly effective way to communicate your brand message to our loyal Scottish audience.


Campaign details – option 1:

Dates: 1st June – 31st August

Sponsorship bumpers: combination of 10 and 20 second bumpers

Delivery: Minimum 70% peak time

Adult TVRs: 800


Campaign Reach:

All adults: 62%


Campaign details – option 2:

Dates: 1st June – 31st August

Sponsorship bumbers: 10 second bumpers

Delivery: Minimum 70% peak time

Adult TVRs: 1000


Campaign Reach: All adults: 65%


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Sources: Scotpulse research, February – March 2021, BARB/STV Predictions 2020

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