Summer on STV

Channel Sponsorship Opportunity

Summer has arrived on STV!

Turn the heat up for your brand and be front-of-mind with our mass audience across Scotland.

Summer on STV 

As sponsor of Summer on STV, the most trusted, most representative and most friendly commercial media brand, you’ll get prime access to our mass audience in Scotland.

Every month, 86% of Scots tune into STV as well as 84% of Main Shoppers, that’s higher than any other TV channel in Scotland!

Campaign dates: 3 months, circa June til August 2022

Campaign elements: 

Sponsorship bumpers: 10″ or 10″ & 20:

Delivery: 70% peak

Total Adult TVRs: 1,000*


*reach based on 10″ option

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Source: Brand Tracker, BARB 2022



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