The Midge Report on STV

Sponsorship Opportunity – The Midge Report

An opportunity for your brand to sponsor The Midge Report on STV, a unique solution to a uniquely Scottish problem…

Midge (pronounced: midge-ey)

Noun: A small or minute two-winged fly, usually dormant until early summer, when they swarm and bite unsuspecting Scots enjoying the great outdoors.

It’s midge season from May until August in Scotland and our useful weekly bulletin, The Midge Report, will ensure our viewers are always one step ahead of Scotland’s least favourite pest. Voiced by audience favourite, Sean Batty, and using the latest data, The Midge Report will provide accurate midge levels across Scotland so our audience will always be prepared, whether they are relaxing in the garden, getting active or enjoying a staycation.

Showcase your brand by sponsoring The Midge Report on STV this summer. With 100% peak time delivery every Saturday and Sunday and added on-air marketing support throughout the campaign, you can ensure your brand is front of mind on Scotland’s best-watched peak time channel.


Campaign details: 

Dates: mid May – mid August
Peak time delivery: 100%
Sponsorship credit duration: 10 second bumpers at intro and end of every Saturday and Sunday night bulletin on broadcast and digital
On-air marketing support: 20 second durations co-branded
Reach: All adults – 59% across campaign


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