The power of purpose driven marketing

The power of purpose driven marketing to champion sustainability

Purpose is more important to consumers than ever before.  No matter the sector you are in, having a purpose outside of making profit is an important part of the customer experience.

Today’s consumers are more socially aware than ever before, armed with instant information, they realise the power they have. When it comes to sustainability, they are switching to more conscious, sustainable buying behaviour. To give you an idea, 75% of Scottish consumers care about a brand’s environmental and social credentials and over 1 in 2 Scots are likely to recommend a brand if it is environmentally friendly. The most successful brands reflect the values that their customers care about, so it’s no surprise that purpose-driven sustainable business is on the rise. Purpose-driven marketing represents a unique opportunity to be part of a community while earning customer loyalty and bolstering brand awareness.

What is purpose-driven marketing?

Purpose-driven marketing is a long-term strategy that involves a brand connecting with its audience on causes they both believe in. The brand messaging aligns with the customer’s beliefs and, in turn, that customer believes in and supports that brand. Purpose-driven marketing involves a communications plan that speaks more about how a brand does business, including organisation values, culture, business operations, and long-term initiatives.

Television is rocket fuel for brands embracing sustainability

Over the past year, we have been living in challenging times – but they are also times of powerful opportunities and a unique opportunity to lead for a better future. Businesses have a key role here – if we take the lead we can create sustainable growth by an increased awareness of values in marketing, one of the most powerful ways to do this is on TV.

Reach is critical for business growth, and no other form of marketing can build scale as quickly as TV. It’s the biggest lever you can pull to drive effectiveness. It makes brands famous, gets them talked about, and boosts marketing efficiency tenfold.

While facts and statistics are important, it’s the rich storytelling of TV that helps your audience resonate with you on a personal level. This means that when consumers go to make a purchase, they will associate your business with the emotional connection they made with your advert and are more likely to purchase from you.

An example of a purpose-driven campaign that’s worked brilliantly is Quality Meat Scotland’s ‘Make It’ campaign, which was directed at Scottish consumers who care about health, nutrition, and are interested in sustainability and where their food comes from. Quality Meat Scotland decided to maximise the marketing of their ‘Make It’ campaign with STV to inform their audience that Scotch Beef and Scotch Lamb not only has the highest possible animal welfare credentials but is also a healthy and nutritious option for quick and easy midweek meals.

The campaign included sponsorship bumpers produced by STV Creative alongside short infomercials featuring recipe inspiration and kitchen tips and hacks, which featured right across the STV schedule. The whole campaign was a huge success.

Lesley Cameron, Director of Marketing and Communications at QMS said:

“We are delighted with the results of the ‘Make It Scotch Beef’ campaign which have exceeded our initial expectations thanks to the creative mix of content that resonated with consumers. By profiling Scotch Beef PGI’s provenance, flavour, versatility and integrity, the campaign has delivered impressive reach for the Scottish red meat industry. This is particularly significant at a time when people are becoming more attuned to shopping local and learning more about where their ingredients are coming from.”

Check out one of the STV ads here.

Using purpose-driven content to make your voice heard

To connect consumers who are becoming more socially conscious, your brand can use purpose-driven creative to take a clear stance on specific issues—and then share it in inspiring campaigns. When you harness the power of creativity to boost your brand’s voice, consumers are more likely to tune in, take action, and become more loyal.

Here are some top tips to amplify your brand with purpose-driven marketing creative:

1. Match your brand to a meaningful cause.

When brands take a stand on the cultural, political, or social issues that matter to them, they also connect more powerfully with consumers. So align your brand purpose with causes that match it. What story can you tell about your involvement in these issues? Be creative—but select a cause that shares your common values or areas of focus.

2. Collaborate with key partners.

The power of any message spreads exponentially as more voices join the cause. So find other brands, non-profit organisations or influencers that champion the causes you are passionate about—and then work together to generate new approaches.

3. Activate a community, creatively.

Be creative in how you inspire action – think beyond a “Donate Now” button to consider active, playful ways for your audience to participate. Additionally, use creativity to gain momentum – figure out what motivates your audience to care about the cause and brainstorm ways you can build on their passion.

No matter your size, embracing purpose-driven marketing is an extremely effective way to open up partnership opportunities and introduce you to a broader audience, helping to generate revenue and increase awareness. Above all, having a purpose helps make the world better by making a positive, long-lasting impact. That’s a legacy all brands can get behind.

If you’re a Scottish business that’s championing sustainability, check out the support that is available through STV Green Fund. We’ve committed £1million of STV advertising airtime to make TV advertising more accessible for sustainable Scottish businesses to promote their eco-credentials. Find out more at:


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