Too Gallus

Working alongside STV allows us to shine a light on some truly well deserving businesses. Partnerships like this will help open conversations that are essential for progress.

Barrington Reeves, Founder & Creative Director, Too Gallus.

Too Gallus is a future-forward agency that works with clients of all scales across the globe. They aim to leverage their connection to innovate youth culture to create aesthetically lead and culturally relevant solutions to branding, web design, content, film & photo.

Together STV and Too Gallus have collaborated through the Black Scottish Business Fund to identify 4 businesses who will each be awarded membership of the STV Growth Fund for airtime marketing.

Barrington, Reeves, Founder & Creative Director of Too Gallus & the Black Scottish Business Fund  joined us at our Growth Academy to discuss how creating an inclusive workplace impacts business growth. Catch up on this session here.

As a new member of the STV Growth Fund, Too Gallus will also be advertising on STV in 2021. With 80% of Scots tuning into STV every month, advertising on STV is the perfect way to reach Scottish consumers.

(Source: BARB Jan-June 2020, adults, 09:30-29:59).

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