Women’s Enterprise Scotland

It is only by delivering needs-based, gender specific business support that women will be able to fulfil their aspirations and unlock their full economic potential.

Established in 2011, Women’s Enterprise Scotland (WES) is a research-led not for profit Community Interest Company which champions women-led and women-owned businesses. WES advocates the need for gender specific support in enterprise as the way to unlocking women’s economic potential, enabling innovation and productivity to thrive.

In 2020, WES launched the first freely accessible digital platform of its kind which supports women as they start and grow their own businesses. The Women’s Business Centre provides needs based, gender specific support to help women bring their commercial ideas to life and to flourish as business owners.

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General enquiries: commercial@stv.tv 

London enquiries: stvlondon@stv.tv

  • Scotland West: 0141 300 3333
  • Scotland East: 0131 200 8102
  • Scotland North: 01224 848823
  • London: 0203 931 0484

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